Olfa Tools


Silver Snap Blade 9mm, Pack of 10

Name Silver Snap Blade 9mm, Pack of 10
Blade OLF/AB10B
Barcode 091511500370
Pack 6 / Case 240

OLFA® ENDURANCE™ blades are made from high carbon tool steel (SK-2) and sharper than most other snap-off blades in the world. During the manufacturing process, the following factors are perfected to ensure a good balance between sharpness and long life: Hardness Sharpening Angles Tapered Dimensions Coarseness of whetstone Speed of grinding This 9mm size is 0.38mm thick and has 13 snap segments. The plastic pack has a useful section which you can use to snap off and safely store used blade segments. The blades are suitable for cutting through various types of packaging, wallpaper, plastic film, and much more.

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