Wood Carving Knife

Name Wood Carving Knife
Part OLF/CK1

OLFA's CK-1 Wood Carving Knife follows the form of a traditional Kiridashi knife. Though designed for wood crafting, it's also suitable for cutting through many other materials. The name 'Kiridashi' means 'to carve out' in Japanese, and it does just that.

The CK-1's lightweight, all-metal construction houses an 18mm wide, 1mm thick blade that is double-sided and is ideal for lighter work. When one side has finally lost its edge, it's easy to take the blade out, flip it around, and put it back in with the fresh, sharp side on display. One CKB-1 blade is the equivalent of using two individual blades, so they're of outstanding value.

The screw-and-nut lock mechanism holds each blade firmly in place, preventing even the slightest unwanted movement. This prevents accidents while also increasing cutting accuracy and blade control. The blade can be retracted and stored away securely when not in use.

This knife can also be attached to a lanyard or hanging loop.


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