Olfa Tools


Dual-Blade Multii-Trade Tool

  • Auto lock
  • Comfort Grip
Name Dual-Blade Multii-Trade Tool
Cutter OLF/CS5
Barcode 0091511220025
Pack 6 / Case 60

The OLFA® CS-5 is a very useful 2 in 1, multi-purpose tool. Firstly, it houses a bi-directional saw blade that works as a pull-saw as well as a push-saw. The blade is ideal for cutting out plasterboard, as the blade's sharp-pointed tip easily penetrates it, but is also suitable for cutting wood panels, plywood and various other substrates. The 12.5mm wide x 0.45mm thick snap-off blade is deceivingly strong. Secondly, the cutter features an auto-locking, 12.5mm snap-off blade that can be used for various cutting tasks. This blade is placed in the deep part of the body to avoid unexpected touching while using the saw on the opposite side. The stainless steel blade channel will remain rust-free forever.

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