X Design Heavy-Duty Ratchet-Lock Knife 18mm

  • Wheel lock
  • Excel Black
  • Comfort Grip
  • X Design
Name X Design Heavy-Duty Ratchet-Lock Knife 18mm
Cutter OLF/L5
Barcode 091511200461
Pack 6 / Case 120

The OLFA® L-5 benefits from X-DESIGN™ excellence. This means that it has a very comfortable, anti-slip grip, allowing you to use maximum pressure to cut, safely. The elastomeric grip takes a lot of the pressure off your hand, resulting in greatly reduced strain over long periods of use. The body is also re-inforced with fibreglass, for ultimate durability and resistance to everyday materials and solvents. The L-5 has a ratcheted wheel lock mechanism that secures the blade firmly in place, however much the blade is extended out, and a hard metal pick on the end that can be used for opening cartons, opening paint cans, creasing wallpaper, and various other tasks. The stainless steel blade channel will remain rust-free forever. Pre-loaded with an Excel Black™ ultra sharp blade.

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