Graphics Precision Auto-Lock Knife 9mm

The OLFA® SAC-1 is a 9mm Graphics Snap knife with a unique 30° angled blade. This acute angle provides a precise cutting tip making it ideal for intricate cuts such as cutting out stencils using paper, card or acetate materials. These can be applied in wall art, graffiti, and other paint applications (using spray cans or stencil brushes).


The cutter features a corrosion-resistant, stainless steel handle and a jam-free, auto-lock mechanism that keeps the blade firmly in place when cutting. Its built-in pocket clip doubles up as a blade snapper, and its SAB blade comes with snap-off segments that give you the equivalent of using seven fixed blades.


This knife also works well in paper crafting as a great alternative to a scalpel type cutter, combined with a cutting mat and a blade disposal box like the DC-6 for ultimate safety.


  • SAB10B