Sk-15 Concealed Blade Nsf Approved Cutter Bulk Pack of 10

The OLFA® SK-15 can be used for safely opening cartons, cutting stretch wrap film, plastic strapping, tape slitting, and more.


OLFA’s SK-15 Concealed Blade Packaging Cutter can handle a wide range of cutting tasks.

It features minimum blade exposure with two plastic guards covering both ends of the blade, preventing damage from occurring to the goods inside.

It comes with guard tips that help lead each cut and can be used to puncture materials when required.

Made from durable, fibreglass-reinforced plastic, this lightweight cutter features non-slip grooves for a secure grip and extra comfort.

It's also NSF approved and can easily be washed and sanitised with sodium hypochlorite.


For best value, purchase a bulk pack.



  • SK1510BLU

  • SK1510WHT