Ultra Slim Ss Precision Auto-Lock Knife 9mm

The OLFA® SVR-2 Ultra Slim SS Precision Auto-Lock Knife 9mm features a stainless steel body and comes pre-loaded with a stainless steel snap-off blade that's perfect for wet use and won't rust. Its unique blade will not scratch glass, so it's the ideal cutter for use in the window tinting industry.

The cutter also comes with an auto-locking blade mechanism that keeps the blade firmly in place at any extension and also includes a pocket clip that doubles up as a blade snapper.

The SVR-2 will easily cut through PVC, vinyl, shrink wrap, packaging, wallpaper, window film, and other materials.



  • AB10B

  • AB10S

  • AB50B

  • AB50S

  • ABB10B

  • ABB50B