Birth of OLFA Cutter

In 1956 Mr.Y.Okada, the founder of OLFA CORPORATION, invented the world's first SNAP-OFF BLADE CUTTER. The inspiration for this incredible idea came from breaking off segments of chocolate bars and analyzing the snap edges of broken glass. This unique invention has since become a worldwide best seller and is commonly referred to as an OLFA CUTTER. The length,width and angle of the blade, established by Mr. Y. Okada, has become the worldwide standard for the snap-off blade. Now let us see the story of the birth of the OLFA cutter. The handy, safe and functional OLFA cutter is used worldwide now. Here is how theOLFA cutter knife was created and become so widely used.

Before World War II, the Okada family was running a paper cutting business in Osaka. The oldest son, Yoshio, grew up in such an atmosphere.

After the war, Yoshio held several jobs and then started working in a printing company.

In those days, workers in printing companies used to cut papers with knives and razor blades.
Japanese-made knives get dull so easily. Throwing the razor blade away is very wasteful.

Yoshio thought about an knife that would be useful for his job.